Very sadly Alex Scott, a long time member of the association, passed away on the 29th of May.

Alex was for many years Ringing Master at St James Church, Paisley.

Alex and his two friends Iain Peacock and James Caldwell learnt to ring bells under the tuition of Petty Officer Cheal.  It was war time.  From 1942 to 1944 these boys, all in their mid-teens, learnt eagerly and quickly.  By 1944 they astonished their elders in the Scottish Association by their method ringing at a meeting in Alloa.  They had also given a demonstration of hand bell ringing, two in hand, to a BBC children’s programme on the radio.

In 1947 Alex took part in his first peal of Kent Treble Bob Major at Paisley. The peal took 3 hrs and 24 mins probably reflecting the difficulty of ringing some of the bells.  He then rang only 2 more peals in his whole life. His second peal in 1951 was rung at St Mary’s Cathedral Glasgow.  He was asked to ring Steadman Caters, a method he had only rung a few blows in before the peal. His third and last peal was rung 48 years later in 1999.  He wanted to ring a peal with his life-long friend Iain Peacock.

Alex took over as Ringing Master of St James Church in the early 1950’s on the retirement of Neil Sharpe.  He remained in that position until a few years ago when his health problems meant that he was unable to climb the tower stairs.

During his years as Ringing Master he welcomed ringers and non-ringers alike to the tower, tried to recruit bell ringers from the congregation, and kept the bells in good repair and well maintained.  We will all remember him for his genuine friendship, encouragement to us all and his wealth of stories.

Quarters and Peals rung in memory of Alex:
1288 Grandsire Triples at Glasgow
1346 Lincolnshire Surprise Max at Tulloch
1346 Lincolnshire Surprise Max at Tulloch
5042 Lincolnshire Surprise Max at Tulloch