Phobos Max Training Course

The focus this year will be on Phobos Surprise Maximus. This method is less challenging than last year’s Avon D12, but will still require homework to be done well in advance in order that the line is firmly in your mind before you arrive. As before, we will aim to end the day with a quarter-peal or two, and there will be an attempt at a peal on the Sunday morning.

What we’d also like to try this year is to get as many attendees as possible to revise their Bristol and Zanussi S12, in order that – once we have cracked Phobos – we can have a go at splicing these three methods. It is not obligatory that you attempt all three methods this weekend, but if we want to keep pushing at the frontiers, spliced S12 is where we should be headed, and that undoubtedly will require some additional homework!

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Event Properties

Event Date 18/11/2017
Tulloch Ringing Centre, Tulloch

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