Scottish Handbell Day

Hello Everyone,

The next Scottish Handbell Day will be on Saturday 8th October at 1 Albany Quadrant, Glasgow.

The format will be a mixture of practice sessions and quarter peals, as we have done in the past.

Please feel free to pass the invitation on to anyone who you think might be interested, especially if you are doing any regular handbell ringing with people who have started recently. The only condition is that we are not planning to cater for complete beginners, so anyone who comes needs to be able to ring Plain Bob Minor already.

So, please could you do the following:

1. Tell me whether or not you are going to come.

If you are coming:

2. Tell me what you would like to ring a quarter of.
3. Tell me what you would like to practise.
4. If you think I don't already know, tell me what you can ring confidently.
5. Tell me whether you can bring a set of bells.

All of that goes for conducting too; maybe some people would like to try calling new things.

Best wishes,

Event Properties

Event Date 08/10/2022
Event End Date 08/10/2022
1 Albany Quadrant, Glasgow
1 Albany Quadrant
1 Albany Quadrant, Glasgow

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