d. 2020


Steven, a Chartered Surveyor, learned to ring in his native Northern Ireland, and already knew how to handle a bell when he came to work for Allied Surveyors Scotland as a Director in their Perth office in 2011. He immediately joined the band at Dunkeld Cathedral in 2011, where his solid tenoring and steady progress into changes quickly turned him into one of Dunkeld’s most reliable band members. He rang his first quarter peal at Dunkeld in 2014, in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the casting of the bells there. He married Christine Malcolm in Dunkeld Cathedral on 1 June 2018; afterward, Steven joined a band of ten well-wishers in the ringing room to ring for his own wedding, splendid in kilt and Prince Charlie jacket.


Steven battled cancer for several years and it never stopped him from living life to the fullest, with good humour and determination packed in to all he did as a colleague, a sailor, a traveller, a ringer and a father. In addition to ringing with the Dunkeld team, since 2017 he served as the band’s Treasurer. Whenever he was able, Steven continued ringing throughout his illness, stopped only by the pandemic in early 2020.


Steven will be hugely missed by his wife Christine and their girls Ailsa and Caitlan, and by the ringers at Dunkeld who have come to rely on him both as a team member and as a dear friend.


Elizabeth Gatland