Below is a range of teaching resources and links used by the Scottish Association.


Cambridge Surprise Minor

Learning Methods

Online talks and comments

Handbell ringing

  • Learning to Ring Handbells. Website with regular blogs about handbell ringing.
  • Handbell ringing style with eBells. Comments and tips about using a good style when ringing eBells. Simon Gay, 19 Mar 2021.
  • Kent Minor on 3-4 with blue line animation and commentary. Simon Gay, 14 Mar 2021.
  • Kent Minor on 5-6 with blue line animation and commentary. Simon Gay, 13 Mar 2021.
  • Plain Hunt on 6 with Lexi the Lego Ringing Robot. Simon Gay, 23 Apr 2020.
  • Plain Hunt on 4 using size 19 in F. Simon Gay, 16 Mar 2018.
  • good handbell style. Presentation on what should be a good handbell style. An illustration of a good handbell ringing style: sitting up straight, elbows in, bells swinging straight up and down, hands resting on thighs at backstroke, firm grip on the bells. Simon Gay, 10 May 2015.

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