d. Nov 2016


Sue was a regular ringer at practices and Sunday Service ringing at St Mary’s Cathedral and at the other Edinburgh towers. She joined in whole-heartedly with the band, always willing to come to ring for extra events, for weddings and extra services. She was always the first to put her name down to help with cleaning and maintenance sessions in the belfry. Each year she volunteered to ring for the week of Graduations at St Andrews University, where she was herself a graduate. She was an able and reliable ringer and rang many quarter peals at the Cathedral and other towers in Scotland, in various methods. She also rang 3 peals, including Pudsey Surprise Major. One of Plain Bob Caters is recorded on a board in St Mary’s belfry. However, her greatest contribution to ringers and ringing was her constant encouragement, affirming smile and pleasure for other people’s achievements and progress.


Sue’s death was a great shock to us all, and the love and affection in which she was held were reflected in the large congregation at her funeral in Old St Paul’s Church in Edinburgh. At least 25 ringers, from Edinburgh and elsewhere in Scotland, attended the service, which was thoughtfully and carefully taken by Ian Paton, who knew Sue well. We miss her greatly, as a ringer and a friend.


Barbara Bell